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Save $100s off your annual cost

We’ve got a range of flexible cover options starting from the essentials. Choose to pull the levers of annual limits, benefit cash back %s and excesses - making it super easy to design a package that makes sense for your budget and needs.


Basic cover for peace of mind. Affordable premiums with less cash back.

Cash back %

65%, 70%, and 75%

Annual Limit

$7,500 $10,000, and $15,000

Annual Excess

$0, $250, $500, $750, and $1,000


Choice of higher limits and up to 90% cash back on approved claims.

Cash back %

80%, 85%, and 90%

Annual Limit

$10,000 $15,000, and $25,000

Annual Excess

$0, $250, $500, $750, and $1,000


Extensive cover including dental, behavioural and specialised therapies.

Cash back %

80%, 85%, and 90%

Annual Limit

$10,000 $15,000, and $25,000

Annual Excess

$0, $250, $500, $750, and $1,000

Choice of inclusions

Cover that works for your family.

Our Essentials cover provides options for fur families who want to keep their costs low, but retain their peace of mind. Or, for all the bells and whistles, try Premium Plus - packed with more inclusions that go above and beyond the standard pet insurance package.

All with no sub-limit surprises
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Say goodbye to confusing opt ins. We want your furry friend covered so you avoid surprises down the track.


No sub-limits

You know if you are in a car accident, and you take it in for repair and they say sorry, you are not covered for metallic paint, there is a sub limit of $500. Any repair cost over $500 you have to reach into your pocket. You know. Sub-Limits.

ExtrasJar Pet Insurance have NO SUB LIMITS. None. If you need to take your fur baby to the vet, you know what you are covered for.

Vet costs for general illness​

Including car accidents, fractures, poisoning, wounds and when they swallow things they shouldn’t.

Vet costs for accidental injury

Skin, ear and eye conditions, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament conditions, cancer and more.

Emergency boarding​

For up to 30 days if you’re unexpectedly hospitalised for four or more days in a row, and it is not reasonable for someone who lives with you to look after your pet.

Chronic conditions​

24/7 access to the Pet Health Hotline​

So you can ask specific questions and get general advice, no matter what time. We can even help advise you whether you should take your pet to the vet.

As long as you continue to hold the cover, meet its conditions and pay your premium, we will not refuse to provide you with a Renewal Policy based on the number of claims you have made or if your pet has developed chronic conditions. However, your premium may increase at the renewal.

Dental illness


Keep their teeth well intact with cover for treatment for gingivitis, abscesses or periodontal disease. Unlike many of our competitors, there are no sub limits attached to the treatment costs or vet expenses related to dental illnesses.

Please note that any routine or elective dental procedures such as teeth cleaning are not covered under dental illnesses.

Behavioural problems


For when your dog or cat doesn’t seem like their usual self – excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive chewing.

Specialised therapies​


Vet costs for acupuncture, physiotherapy or hydrotherapy.

*ExtrasJar Pet Insurance is subject to exclusions, such as Pre-existing Conditions. Please see our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more details. Comparison is based on a sample of in-market pet insurance policies (May 2024).

Expectation vs reality

What do you want from your pet cover?

Select what you would like to cover and we can do the rest.

Accidents + injury
General care
Get the Best for your pet

This will cover it

Pet Insurance

Great news, all these things and more are covered in our Pet Insurance.

Accidental injury

General illness

Emergency boarding

Dental illness

Behavioral problems

Specialised therapies

Pet Savings Account

Our Pet Savings Account covers all pet health services not included in insurance, from routine vet visits to grooming.

Professional grooming

Dental clean & care



For everything that keeps your pet healthy

Get a $120* Signup bonus into your savings account when you sign up for pet insurance today.

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Smarter cover

Which most
sounds like you?

Save on cover with our Essentials plan.

ExtrasJar Pet Essentials: affordable pet insurance focusing on essentials for year-round coverage. Choose $7,500 annual limit, 65% reimbursement, and $1,000 excess for the most budget-friendly option.

Budget-friendly options

Add a Pet Savings Account

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New puppies and kittens

For new puppies and kittens, it's essential to be prepared for any health surprises. While they may be young and healthy now, early insurance can protect against unforeseen mishaps.

High excess pet cover

Pet Savings Account

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The fur kings and queens

Combining a robust insurance plan with a Pet Savings Account is a smart strategy. This approach not only covers unexpected health issues through insurance but also allows you to save for routine care and other expenses not covered by insurance. It's the perfect solution for providing all-around care and ensuring the best for your furry friend.

High excess pet cover

Pet Savings Account

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Age related health needs

Securing insurance early and maintaining it throughout your pet's life is crucial for uninterrupted coverage, especially as they enter their senior years. This approach ensures you are well-prepared to handle any age-related health issues that arise.

High excess pet cover

Pet Savings Account

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Choose how you save,
spend and claim

ExtrasJar Pet Insurance allows you to choose an annual limit, annual excess and benefit percentage – meaning your cover is designed by you, for you.  Plus, pair your insurance with a Pet Savings Account for even greater control.

A $1,000 excess could save you up to 67%

Pet Savings Account

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How about
a bonus?


member access to our Pet Health Hotline




Pet Savings Account bonus

Optional Pet Savings Account and ExtrasJar Mastercard®

Give yourself some extra peace of mind. Add a Pet Savings Account for the things not covered by insurance and access your funds on the spot with our dedicated ExtrasJar Mastercard.

A Pet Savings Account gives you the freedom to choose how to spend your cover. From grooming and routine pet care to vaccinations, taking care of your pet has never been easier. Learn more here.

Let's make it real

How people are
getting extra

My dog, Barney is a big part of my life, and the extra pet costs can add up and be expensive. I struggle to save but pet extras has helped me save for my furry friend.

Saving $120 a year

No nasty surprises

Being able to adjust the excess and annual limit gives me control over my cat's insurance plan. It's straightforward and suits our needs well

Tailor your cover to suit your needs

High excess options to manage premiums

The absence of sub-limits is a significant benefit. This means more extensive treatment options for pets without the worry of exceeding cost limits for specific conditions. It's a relief for pet owners and a step forward in pet healthcare.

Developed with input from veterinarians

No sub-limits

I chose ExtrasJar for its affordable options. Their high excess plan reduced my monthly premium, which is great for my budget.

Choose a $1,000, $750, $500, $250, $0 excess

Tailor to suit your needs

Claim process


Login to the portal

After your vet visit, login to the My Pet Portal using your account details.


Submit new claim

Go to your policy and click on the claim button.


Upload or take a photo

Upload a PDF or take a photo of your receipt/invoice so we can process it.


Money back

We’ll contact you or your vet as needed. All going smoothly, your claim will be refunded within 2-5 days.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about ExtrasJar  Pet Insurance cover? Take a look at the frequently asked questions below or reach out to our customer support team. We’ll be more than happy to help.

What pets are eligible?

ExtrasJar Pet Insurance is available to your companion cats and dogs that reside with you in Australia. We do not cover any other type of pets.

Our Policy has been designed for companion pets and therefore it is not possible to purchase cover for all cats and dogs.

Banned breeds
Certain breeds are considered dangerous and/or are banned in Australia. It is not possible to purchase cover for a dangerous or banned breed. If Your Pet’s breed is categorised as dangerous and/or banned in Australia after purchase or renewal of Your Policy, then Your Pet will no longer be eligible for this Policy and We will send You notice of non-renewal prior to the expiry of Your current Period of Insurance.

Work or sporting activities
Cats and dogs participating in commercial or sporting activity such as breeding or obstetrics, working, fighting, racing, personal protection, gun sports, law enforcement or guarding are not eligible for cover. Note that it is possible to purchase cover for pets who participate in or are show dogs/cats, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, assistance dogs or customs sniffer dogs.

Are there age limits?

Once you have insurance, there is no age limit. However, there are minimum and maximum ages for starting insurance.

Minimum and maximum age of Pets on entry
When purchasing a new Policy:

  1. the minimum age for entry for a Pet is 6 weeks old; and
  2. the maximum age for entry is 8 years and 364 days old.
Are there Exclusions Periods?

Exclusion Periods apply to certain benefits available under the Policy. Cover is only available after the Exclusion Period has elapsed.

a. Accidental Injury (except Specified Conditions) - 1 day

b. Illness (except Specified Conditions)- 14 days

c. Dental Illness - 14 days – pets under 1 year old or 6 months – pets 1 year old or over

d. Behavioural Problems - 6 months

e. Specified Conditions - 6 months

You may ask us to waive the Exclusion Period for some or all the Specified Conditions, and other Conditions (e.g. Dental Illness).  When you take out a policy, we will provide an Application Form to apply for a reduction of Exclusion Period(s) for You and Your vet to complete.

Specified Conditions include cruciate ligament damage, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), cherry eye, entropion, ectropion, and Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) and Lumps. Lumps are not considered a Specified Condition if Your Pet was under one (1) year old on the First Date of Cover or when Your cover increased.

What is sub-limits?

ExtrasJar Pet Insurance has NO-SUB LIMITS. None. If you need to take your fur baby to the vet, you know what you are covered for.

Sub-limits are also known as a “condition limit” or “per incident limit”. A sub-limit acts as a ceiling, reducing claims made on a pet insurance policy per year (period of insurance), for treating certain conditions. A sub limit adds an extra restriction on certain veterinary expenses, common examples including limits on cruciate ligament surgery, hip dysplasia, dental illness and/or vet consultations.

What are the Extras?

Extra benefits are included as standard and cover:

  • Vet Costs for Dental Illness such as dental diseases, gingivitis, periodontal disease.
  • Vet Costs for Behavioural Problems such as excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive chewing.
  • Vet Costs for Specialised Therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy.

Please note that the extra benefits do not include cover for general dental check-up and clean (for Dental Illness), and do not include routine or elective treatments or supplements (for Alternative Therapies).

For full details about what is and isn’t covered you should always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

How does an Annual Excess work?

If You choose to add an Annual Excess to Your Policy this amount needs to be met before We begin to pay benefits for accepted claims, at the chosen Benefit Percentage. Your Annual Excess will only be applied to accepted claims. Your Annual Excess will reset at the start of each Period of Insurance.

For example:

About ExtrasJar

Health cover that adds up

Empowering a healthier and wealthier future for all families

Developed with input from veterinarians, our plans provide extensive coverage without confusing add-ons.

Smarter pet insurance that puts you in control

ExtrasJar Pet Insurance allows you to choose an annual limit, excess and benefit percentage meaning your cover is designed by you, for you. And pair with a Pet Savings Account for even more control.

Affordable pet insurance with no surprises.

ExtrasJar offers members the chance to submit a request to reduce or waive the 6-month exclusion period applicable for specified conditions and other issues like dental illness.